Content Keywords In Search Console And Keyword Frequency

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In case for some reason you are still thinking that keyword density (the proportion of keywords to the total number of words on a page) bears any relevance to the rankings of your page for these keywords.

Well they don’t, abusing and overusing keywords are a sure way to get on Panda’s radar sooner or later.

This alongside the mantra that the more links you have the better for your SEO are amongst the top SEO myths still floating around the web.

The below is where they would be located in search console, I’m at liberty to share the ones from this site, as they are not exactly a secret :-)

If you read them in sequence they almost make sense as a phrase. SEO, WordPress, training, Google… you get the idea, right on the money but not because I made any particular effort to use one more than the others. The name comes from the blog name and author on posts, but hey.



John Muller has announced last month that Google is planning to remove the content keywords feature in the Google Search Console, this is to avoid confusion between keywords density and effect on rankings.

There are a few scenarios where the content keywords may help such as in case of hacking, but I do not think that alone is a good reason to keep them.

If unexpected keywords, such as “Viagra”, appear on this page, this could be a sign that your site has been hacked.

If expected keywords are missing from this page, this could be for a couple of reasons:

Google may not have been able to crawl and index all the pages of your site. In this case, we recommend reviewing the Crawl Errors page for your site. In addition, submitting a Sitemap is an excellent way to make sure that Google knows about all the pages on your site. Also, if you have recently updated your site, we may not have crawled the new pages yet.
The Keywords list will sometimes exclude words that Google has determined to be boilerplate text or common words. The actual excluded words vary from site to site.

Barry Schwartz has reported on this and suggested would be good if they leave the notifications about SPAM.  I agree that would make sense.

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