Google Penalty Recovery Services

Learn how I can help you with manual and algorithmic Google penalties. I have been helping London, UK and worldwide business recover from Google penalties since the days of Panda and Penguin, famous pre-AI spam algorithms 2011/2012. Did you know in SEO and search there is Spam that looks just like email spam? Ensure you have the latest unbiased information.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Did your site suffered a sharp decline in traffic? This may have been caused by a known or unknown Algorithm update from Google. If you have a manual penalty you would have been notified via search console and got an email notifying you if the fact.

Other common scenarios include websites being hacked, migrations to a new server or websites redesigns.

If this is your current situation now is the time to think how you can recover. I am a very reliable SEO recovery specialist with a decade of experience and a track record of educational SEO consultancy and training. As opposed to the majority focused on outdated link building strategies and “SEO secrets” and myths. Learn about my online SEO training.

One of the recent SEO recovery and growth clients

6 month SEO recovery and growth

Get in touch and learn how I can help your business recover, adapt your SEO and recover and potentially train you and your team. All from the comfort of your socially distant home if you still prefer. I was doing it all well before it was forcefully fashionable. Face to face meetings are now available too.

Google Penalty Recovery Client

My site,, a fairly popular technology news blog, was hit by Google Panda back when the algorithm first hit. It lost a lot of traffic from Google, and I knew that I needed expert help.
I picked Pedro after I read one of his articles on Panda, and how he recovered sites. He is very knowledgeable, analyzed the site and created an actionable list that I worked on. Communication was very good, and he answered questions that I had about certain procedures quickly and efficiently.
I can recommend Pedro wholeheartedly when it comes to SEO, and have hired him again already for help in monitoring the site’s move to HTTPS.

Martin Brinkman


Journalist & Webmaster

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SEO recovery and growth

Have you been affected by the Google Broad Core Quality Updates? Pandits of all colours and shapes including Google’s own spokespeople may tell you that you can’t really recover from it. The truth is you can in all but very extreme spam cases make a recovery from any Google algorithm update, given time, patience and a long term thinking strategy.

Obviously this does not apply if your site is not a real business and ranked with some link spam for a little while. Those are dead and so they should. If you do though, you can see results such as the below.

Over 50% growth > SEO Audit + 6 months work

SEO Recovery London

Recover from Broad Core Quality updates

As someone at the core of central London and very much at the core of SEO in London for the past decade. With REAL clients, leaving real reviews about my work with them and recovery from “famous spam algorithm updates” such as Panda and Penguin. I’m probably in a better position than most to help you Recover From Broad Core Updates.

The issues are usually in my experience either some critical technical problems with your website, possibly related to recent migration or site updates. Or are also of a more “core quality” issue nature and some niches that relate to health and finance, but not only seem to be the most affected.

E-A-T Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness.

Y-M-Y-L Your Money Or Your Life.

These much like in real life on the internet are more difficult to manipulate, so if your content and site is full of sales soundbites without a real person, with full name, mugshots and a historical social presence of some sort, it is going to be hard to convince your users and by proxy Google that your site falls under the “quality criteria” and has E-A-T and Y-M-Y-L to make it live up to expectations.

What is SEO Google penalty recovery?

This often happens when companies hire black hat SEOs, typically heavily relying on keywords and link building. Often come alongside fast results and sharp rises in traffic, which, may sound great at the time but soon prove not to be the case.

The most common issue and the one I come across regularly, happens with companies that hire SEOs that are not forthcoming with the practices they employ and do not explain the full spectrum of SEO from whitehat to blackhat.

SEO broad Core Quality Updates recovery

Another very common SEO issue comes with Growth Hacking agencies, which by definition focus on very short-term results and they may even manage to get the “high growth” they proclaim to achieve. However, it is often at the expense of long-term business goals and tend to come with a sharp decline with 6 to 18 months of fast results.

I have operated in 2017-18 as head of SEO with just one such agency, so I have both the experience of recovering sites and being on the other side (if temporarily) seating under an unscrupulous CEO, who knows he is deliberately damaging those sites but continues to do so.

As you can imagine this was not a position I worked on for long, but long enough to “live” the implementation of short-sighted SEO first hand and this was by no means the only one. My spam folder is overflowing with such SEO offerings.

Can I promise recovery from SEO results decline?

The short answer is no! Nor should anyone else, if they do, they’re simply not telling you the truth.

I do promise “my trademark” commitment and persistence! This has in the past returned recovery even in very complex black hat networks, such as one of the most extreme cases I’ve worked on so far in 2018, with multiple layers of PBNs from different sources.

Why you should hire me for your SEO recovery in London and the UK?

I have almost a decade of common sense SEO strategies and results of my own and many of my clients, that corroborate my claims. Please read my clients reviews going back quite a few years.

If you are a large corporation, I do have NDA examples of my work in SEO recovery, SEO strategy and a combination of SEO and CRO from large companies and multinationals, I may be able to provide samples or a personalised testimonial of my work with them, ranging from one-off audit reports to SEO recovery audits, followed by SEO strategy and hands-on implementation with teams that involve interacting, liaising and leading teams with 10 or 20+ members, from CEOs and C-level to copywriters and developers.

How to do SEO recovery in 2021?

Pretty much as before, there have been some major changes since 2018 with https, the mobile-first index and the advance of AI. However, the basis of SEO and SEO recovery seat on the same pillars of common sense and best practices as before.

Website redesign SEO results drop?

A sudden drop in website traffic? Your website was redesigned and your natural search traffic dropped significantly?

This often happens when your web designer or company start over and neglect the current site and its history. I sometimes use the analogy of building a dam, diverting the river and then forgetting to run the river back to the dam. All the water is being leaked somewhere else and no energy is produced. Nor there is a pond for your SEO fish to continue to swim on!

How to avoid SEO disaster during a website redesign?

SEO Recovery London Project Organic Research

If you are in the lucky position to be doing your research prior to the redesign, now is the time to involve an SEO with a track record of helping sites migrate to new CMSs or a new version with minimal to no SEO impact. In fact, a website redesign without SEO considerations is one of the biggest missed opportunities in your marketing mix.

The redesign offers an opportunity to keep the SEO results you have and improve on those as well as CRO (conversion rate optimisation) not the other way around.

Are Panda and Penguin a “thing” still?

The short answer is no. Not per se, as in the old days when they were released, early part of the last decade. However, they are still important and part of what Google now calls, Core Quality Updates mentioned above.

In other words, the Panda considerations for content quality and Penguin for healthy and natural link profiles are still as valid today as when Panda and Penguin were released. They are simply part of bigger updates. Therefore harder to pin down, Google has done this deliberately like many other data restrictions, in order to protect the algorithms from spammers and aggressive agencies.

Google penalty recovery from backlinks

  • PBN (private/public blog networks) links
  • Spammy directories
  • Old domains redirects “Domaining”
  • Cloaked links.
  • Site-wide backlinks
  • Footer links
  • Advertorials and sponsored content
  • Guest posts that pass Pagerank
  • All those emails with high DA you get daily
  • etc. etc.

My dating agency had completely lost its Google rankings due to thousands of toxic links. Pedro quickly spotted what was wrong and rectified the problems. Our good ranking has been restored. They also worked closely with my web designers, intelligently implemented many ideas to help with ranking and UX. They are extremely diligent, thoughtful and available if one has a question or urgent task to attend to. Pedro he’s also one helluva nice guy. See what they can do for your site!

Mary Balfour corporate SEO client

Mary Balfour

founder & Director

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Google manual penalty recovery

if you have a manual action by Google, you will see it Google Search Console. Check notifications and admins for the property should have received an email.

This will mention the reason for the penalty, typically too many artificial links, but can be something else. Such as an hacked website, spammy machine generated content, hidden text or keyword stuffing, etc. You can find a full list here.

Based on that, you can work on the recovery process.

Algorithmic penalty recovery

Manual actions from Google telling you what the issue is. On the other hand algorithmic penalties, is more of a guessing game. In the old days of Panda and Penguin, we could easily tell was content or backlinks.

As these are now part of the core updates it is more complicated. However, the recovery process is the same. Listening to what the industry forums and pandits say and matching declines to algorithm updates are an old staple of SEO recovery.

SEO Google penalty recovery

  1. technical SEO:  is your content crawlable and indexable, “can Google see it”
  2. content: does your content answer your audience’s questions
  3. on-site SEO: is your content and HTML optimised
  4. off-site SEO: are there local, social and link signal that verify your website

SEO Consultancy FAQ

Here you will find some of the most common and frequently asked questions my clients and prospects have in the initial enquiry phases.

What are common reasons for significant ranking drops?

The most significant ranking drops reasons are:

– Manual penalties
– Spammy link profiles
– Server migrations without SEO considerations
– Website redesign without SEO considerations
– Algorithm changes: e.g. June 2019 Core Quality Update
– Technical issues, e.g. blocking Google from crawling the site
– Site speed – if your site becomes considerably slower

How to check if my site has a manual penalty?

If you have (GSC) Google Search Console, you should get a notification by email when the manual penalty is applied. You can also check the new GSC under >> Security & Manual Actions >> Manual Actions. If your site does not have GSC, I suggest you add and verify your site.

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