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I have been providing advanced SEO training in London for a decade and have helped many freelancers, business owners, managers and corporate teams get a better understanding of this complex and ever-changing discipline. Applying my teachings with great results.

Advanced SEO training for teams available. Over 80% of my clients have become visible on Google and continue to be for years not just Christmas. That is to say Google traffic and rankings was sustained long term, in many cases for years on the foundations of good SEO principles.

SEO Training Course

I offer custom designed SEO training to fit your specific needs. Training will be based on my SEO process and any combination of sessions as necessary or as a complement to SEO work I carry out for you.

I advocate a long-term approach and strategy to fit those goals and clear of backchat SEO techniques.

SEO training london

I prefer a white hat approach (within Google guidelines), but will teach you white SEO as well as black hat techniques and the strategic differences of both approaches. As well as how these impact your business goals. The choice is then yours.


Some London and worldwide leading brands I have the privilege to work with

Do I provide one size fits all ready made, academic exercise type of SEO course?

No, these are great for Maths, English, and other similar “largely fixed subjects”, not a volatile subject such as SEO. Unless your SEO training course is specific to your site and your team’s skills, it may add little or no value. If you unlucky and buy the “wrong SEO course”, based mostly on link building and paid links for example, it may even do more harm than good.

Advanced SEO training

Suitable if you feel comfortable with most of the topics in the beginner course.

  • Hosting for SEO and server location
  • Website speed, mobile and local SEO
  • Google Analytics setup and configuration
  • Google Search Console setup and configuration
  • Google My Business setup and configuration
  • Keyword research and tools
  • Advanced keyword strategies
  • Topical vs keyword optimisation
  • Local and mobile SEO
  • Link building and outreach
  • Social media for SEO
  • Content marketing and modern SEO
  • Promotional vs informational content
  • Link building and link earning
  • Mobile-first Index and a mobile-first world (NOW)
  • Woocommerce SEO
  • Structured Data impact on SEO
  • NEW FAQ, How To, Q&A Structured Data
  • International SEO and hreflang tags
  • Anything specific to your niche

Beginner SEO training

This will be for the total beginner or for someone new to SEO, we can cover:

  • A brief overview of Google search algorithms
  • Staying within Google guidelines
  • Technical SEO basics and auditing tools
  • Crawling, indexing and ranking
  • Keyword research and tolls
  • Developing a keyword strategy
  • ON page ranking factors
  • Page structure for SEO
  • Website architecture
  • Off-page factors
  • Link building & outreach
  • Social media for SEO
  • Local SEO basics
  • Anything specific to your niche

SEO training London

  • Virtually – including multi-location video conferencing. Zoom or other
  • At your office within zone 1 to 3, further out may carry travel charges
  • Another place you work from, hotel, gallery, museum, etc.
  • At my office in Paul Street. Additional fees may apply
  • NEW High-end hotels and coffee shops across London (dedicated work wifi network) – sign up for AndCo and get 14 days free on me:

If you’re outside London or the UK, I am also more than happy to travel to meet you, please get in touch to discuss any extra arrangements, typically travel and stay.

Ready to Book

I’m already looking forward to making a difference to your business

How much does it cost?

Prices are currently on a per project basis please enquire.

100% relevant to your site

  • You can pay via bank transfer, PayPal, card or cash
  • All training requires advance booking and payment

SEO training for teams

Team Workshops are now an extension of one to one training with a fee p/hour per person.

Begins at 2 hours per session.

See also WordPress Training Courses.


Book Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 19.00 hours, slots are normally available within two/three weeks at the most.

I offer language services online and because I regularly work on bilingual websites, copywriting, teaching and translating, I needed to adopt SEO best practices. I chose Pedro Matias because I kept reading comments he’d written about SEO, all over the web, his SEO wisdom is practically everywhere!
I had already researched a lot about SEO before I started the course, but had gaps in my knowledge. He designed a really helpful personal learning plan, and adjusted it as we went through the course, clearly explaining the most recent thinking behind new-school SEO and Social! The lessons were at convenient times, and he’s a lot of fun.
Thanks and Bravo Pedro, I’ll be back for a refresher soon!

PM SEO consultant

Daniel Morris

english language Teacher

I was keen to and learn how to develop my SEO for my newly built Thesis 2 based website and spent many days searching for a SEO expert that I could meet with in person. Pedro was appearing top in many of my Google searches so I knew he was good.
I’ve now had four sessions with Pedro. With his guidance and training my website SEO has improved greatly and my daily hit count is continuing to increase.
During each two hour session I take notes so that after each meeting I have a list of SEO improvements to make at my own pace over the coming weeks.
Pedro’s engaging and well structured SEO training has fitted in well around my freelance video production work. I would thoroughly recommend his skills as an SEO expert.

Julian Langham Filmmaker Videographer

Julian Langham

Filmmaker Videographer

How is SEO training priced?

SEO training is currently priced on a per project basis, depending on the site you are using, your team’s skill level and the combination of sessions needed.

What is your approach to SEO?

I am a great advocate of staying within Google guidelines and avoid black hat techniques such as PBNs. I have extensive experience in recovering sites from such practices.

Can you help with Structured Data Training?

Yes. This section is coded with FAQ Structured Data and is very current with Google push for more question/answer type of query and content.

Where is the SEO training delivered?

Please see above, this can be at your office, my office in Paul Street Shoreditch or a number of high end locations across London, the UK and beyond, and also virtually if you prefer.

What SEO tools do you use?

My primary tools are Google and my own tools and processes developed over a decade. I also use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, any top industry tools such as Majestic, Moz, ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming Frog and a variety of crawlers.

How relevant will the course be to our website?

100% relevant with appraisal of your site and completely bespoke designed around your content, keywords in your niche and the health of your website, as well as the skill level of any course attendee.

Ready to Book

I’m already looking forward to making a difference to your business

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