Here you can find some real testimonials from highly qualified specialists from London, UK and Europe. Read some of their comments to describe my present and past SEO and WordPress consulting work with them.

2014/18 Martin Brinkmann – Journalist & Webmaster

My site,, a fairly popular technology news blog, was hit by Google Panda back when the algorithm first hit. It lost a lot of traffic from Google, and I knew that I needed expert help.

I picked Pedro after I read one of his articles on Panda, and how he recovered sites. He is very knowledgeable, analyzed the site and created an actionable list that I worked on. Communication was very good, and he answered questions that I had about certain procedures quickly and efficiently.

I can recommend Pedro wholeheartedly when it comes to SEO, and have hired him again already for help in monitoring the site’s move to HTTPS.

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Service Category: SEO, Panda Recovery, HTTPS SEO

2017/18 Dr Haus Dermatology Clinic, Harley Street, London

We have been working with Pedro Matias for a number of months now. We could not be happier to recommend his services. We approached him for SEO and he immediately understood what was needed and quickly came up with an action plan to be implemented on the website, but also took the time to properly learn about our business. Pedro is always responsive to requests and emails and a very professional person to work with. We have already seen positive results from the work that Pedro did.

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Service Category: SEO Consulting, SEO Training

2016/17 Jason Humphries – Co-Founder & COO

We called on Pedro when our WordPress site was hacked with negative implications for our search ranking and a slew of other side effects. Pedro quickly brought things under control and restored order and rank, was incredibly responsive and available to work outside normal hours to avert panic. With calm restored he worked through a number of activities to improve our site and security. Much appreciated with clear communication of his actions.

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Service Category: WordPress Consulting, SEO

2014/17 Mary Balfour Director

My business, Drawing Down the Moon Matchmaking, had completely lost its Google ranking a couple of years back because of technical glitches and thousands of toxic inbound links.

Pedro quickly spotted what was wrong and rectified the problems. Our good ranking has been restored. He also worked closely with my web designers when we updated our site and has intelligently implemented many ideas to help with ranking and usability.

He’s extremely diligent, thoughtful and available if one has a question or urgent task to attend to.

He’s also one helluva nice guy. See what he can do for your site!.

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Service Category: SEO and WordPress Consulting

2014/18 Joanna Maya Creative Director

Quality work, availability and adaptability are values which Anglux certainly represents. Since January 2014 Pedro Matias has provided Gurasu Crystal with SEO, content marketing and website maintenance, communicating the brand’s voice effectively in the luxury industry, which we operate in.

He is very professional, organized and gives clear guidelines and is always abreast of new Google updates and adapts to them successfully.

What I appreciate the most is that he is accessible and proactive, communication is second to none and responses are very quickly. Any urgent issues and challenges are tackled immediately.

It’s a pleasure working with Pedro and Anglux.

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Service Category: SEO and WordPress Consulting

2016 John Bloomfield Financial Advisor 

Thanks for the input and your advice. The result of applying your recommendations was that within a few days I had gone from page 5 for my desired terms to spot 4/5 on page 1.

Now they are not massively searched terms to be fair but, anybody who is searching it is very much who I want to find my site. So I’m very pleased with the result from those changes.

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Service Category: SEO Consulting

2016/18 Caroline Deisler Model

Review on Google Maps

Pedro is super friendly and has been a great help with my Blog.

Can highly recommend him!! :)

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Service Category: Wordpress Training, WordPress Design

2014/18 Julian Langham Videographer

I was keen to and learn how to develop my SEO for my newly built Thesis 2 based website and spent many days searching for a SEO expert that I could meet with in person. Pedro was appearing top in many of my Google searches so I knew he was good.

I’ve now had four sessions with Pedro. With his guidance and training my website SEO has improved greatly and my daily hit count is continuing to increase.

During each two hour session I take notes so that after each meeting I have a list of SEO improvements to make at my own pace over the coming weeks.

Pedro’s engaging and well structured SEO training has fitted in well around my freelance video production work. I would thoroughly recommend his skills as a SEO expert.

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Service Category: SEO Training, WordPress Training

2016/17 Luis F Carvalho Theatre Designer

Pedro has been a huge help, re-creating my website in WordPress and offering me invaluable help both with the site and SEO. He is quick to reply to my questions and always helpful with advice.

Highly recommend his services.

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Service Category: SEO Training, WordPress Training, WordPress Design

2016/17 Steven Boyle Swimming Instructor

Review on Google Maps

Pedro was fantastic, within 6 weeks he took me from page 5/6 to the top of page 2.  Highly recommend!

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Service Category: SEO Consulting

2014/17 Allison Hall Developer

I’ve had one to one training sessions with Pedro, a professional and very competent SEO expert.

I’ve implemented what I’ve learnt through Pedro on many websites with great results. He always answers emails quickly which is much appreciated. I would definitely recommend him.

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Service Category: SEO Training, WordPress Training

2014/15 Tim Hayes P Trainer

I have a team of trainers across London that needed regular leads. I had worked with several SEO consultants for many years and Pedro was by far the best. His hands on personal approach and insistence on understanding every part of my business and my competitors was refreshing.

I found previous SEO companies just told me what I wanted to hear. Pedro was upfront and honest from the start about what the business needed to do to improve conversions and always seemed ahead of the game and the results spoke for themselves. If you want long term sustainable results and a passionate SEO consultant, Pedro is your guy.

Service Category: SEO Consulting

2012 + 2014 Jon Holloway Photographer

Working with Pedro has been an insightful pleasure, for me the world of WordPress, SEO and Google Analytics were a mystery that I could not grasp.
Now thanks to Pedro and his patient teaching skills, they are tools that I can use to my advantage within this now much less confusing world and we even managed to get my own picture on Google with Google+ and Authorship.

Service Category: SEO Training, Adwords, WordPress

2013 – Diego Tolomelli Artist

We approached Pedro Matias to help us improve the performance of the website for our Stained Glass Studio on search engines. We came with a list of things we thought we should be doing, and left with a whole different set of ideas all of which made much more sense. Pedro carefully audited our site, gave us thoughtful feedback, and offered helpful suggestions about layout, content, navigation as well as suggestions for widgets and code on our site that gave almost immediate results. Pedro Matias is a good teacher, he ensured we were as autonomous as possible, explained tools to help us with our work and he also set intelligent homework that put the learning into practice on our site. The lessons were very enjoyable. He’s motivating, fun and well prepared.

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Service Category: SEO Training + Site Audit and Consulting

2013 – Daniel Morris Teacher

I offer language services online and because I regularly work on bilingual websites, copywriting, teaching and translating, I needed to adopt SEO best practices. I chose Pedro Matias because I kept reading comments he’d written about SEO, all over the web, his SEO wisdom is practically everywhere! I had already researched a lot about SEO before I started the course, but had gaps in my knowledge. He designed a really helpful personal learning plan, and adjusted it as we went through the course, clearly explaining the most recent thinking behind new-school SEO and Social! The lessons were at convenient times, and he’s a lot of fun.
Thanks and Bravo Pedro, I’ll be back for a refresher soon!

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