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Greetings. I’m Pedro Matias, I have a decade as an SEO consultant in London, the UK and worldwide. Having helped many sites of all shapes and sizes improve search visibility and significantly increase sales.

From training with freelancers and artists to years of consistent results, search visibility and full web property management, with some of the best London has to offer. Corporations, brands, agencies and studios of various descriptions.

SEO Consultant London

A varied portfolio and extreme reliability as standard

Naturally, I only work with you if you have a great product, service or brand already, or promising startup one. In other words, I’m probably one of the best, most dedicated SEO consultants in London. However, SEO is not substitute for a good business, but it can be a great complement to it. I can say my work has literally made some businesses.

Some of my clients are reserved and require NDAs, which I’m more than happy to provide.

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Some London and worldwide leading brands I have the privilege to work with

What my clients say

Pedro was very professional and always responded with detailed answers to questions. In a field that changes by the minute, he offered current advice and holistic solutions. His action plan helped us accomplish a huge amount of work. Now the first seeds are planted and we know what the right actions are going forward.
Highly recommended.

UPDATE: 17 December, 2020 The ‘seeds’ of work are sprouting. Active monthly users have increased 7x since our work began tracking in June and a Featured Snippet has achieved a solid #1 position driving users to the site.

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SEO Consulting services

SEO Consulting

Is all I do. I have a track record of delivering consistent sustainable results and specialise in SEO recovery

SEO Audit service in london

SEO Audits

All great SEO starts with an SEO audit. My audits gain insight to improve your UX increase visitors and sales

SEO strategy services in London

SEO Strategy

Devising complete bespoke SEO strategies based on your business goals, your team and resources

SEO Expert London

As your ROI focused SEO service provider you can benefit from just one aspect of my services such as an SEO audit or devising a strategy that you can implement yourself. My SEO process consists of six stages: discovery, audits, strategy, implementation, reporting and there’s additional training if that is the appropriate fit for you, either as an individual or for your team.

SEO Expert London

SEO audit and research service

In the initial analytical phase, we look at technical SEO factors, your content including keyword research and your promotion, which includes your social media presence and local SEO, as well as your link graph (the links from the web to your site).

We also audit your tracking and reporting and will set it up where there is none and automate it wherever possible if one is in place. That will mostly be Google Analytics and Google Search Console, but we can surely go well beyond that.

If it is SEO or a related discipline I can do it probably better than most in the UK.

Types of SEO audits

  • Full technical audit
  • URL structure
  • Internal linking
  • Site speed
  • Website redesign
  • Competitor audit
  • Content audit
  • Keyword audit
  • Link profile (backlinks)
  • Local SEO and citations
  • Social media for SEO
  • International SEO
  • SEO recovery audit
  • Mobile SEO (Mobile First Index)
  • Industry specific audits

On-Site SEO audit

On-Site SEO: Looks at current content and keywords usage, the relevancy and difficulty of keywords in the business context, competitor landscape as well as the history of the site. It usually develops into a better content and keyword strategy and provides the bare bones of SEO guidelines for writers and content uploaders.

We also explore keyword research from GSC (Search Console) and a sample of new keyword research. Additionally, we look at user experience (UX) content improvements, the relevance of content and use of keywords. Competitors sample data and analysis is also usually harvested and included within the initial SEO audit and the ongoing strategy.

Common on page SEO issues and opportunities

  • Core Quality Updates 2018 to 21 & Traffic Drops
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Overuse of keywords in Internal Link Structure
  • Mobile UX (User Experience)
  • Tablet UX (User Experience)
  • Image Optimisation SEO – File Size, Names & Alt Tags
  • Page Titles & Metadata
  • Current Keywords Trends Data
  • Top Keywords & Keyword Research
  • Staying On Topic, Staying In Your Lane
  • Duplicate Content
  • Low Quality Geo Located Pages
  • Content With Poor, EAT & Blog Authors

Freelance SEO consultant London

From freelance SEO with local business in London to managing the intricate and complex process of SEO between C-level of multinationals, agencies and boutique studios in London. I have extensive experience of devising and delivering SEO strategies with results.

Freelance SEO consultant  London

SEO strategy specialist

The level of involvement will vary from just SEO strategy and advice or training on producing SEO focused content for a small website owner, to a full schedule content strategy with monthly, weekly or even daily blog post or article creation, publication and promotion.

Fix or provide guidance on fixing code and technical issues and URL structure, depending on your site setup and type of CMS (content management system).

We also devise a safe link acquisition/building strategy that does not compromise your site.

I have in place a number of collaborators that complement my skills in all areas of SEO, web design and content creation that I can tap into and I’m equally comfortable working with any members of your own team or third party companies and freelancers.

High-level strategic areas

  • Technical SEO
  • Site structure
  • Content, keywords and topics
  • Link profile, acquisition/building

More expert SEO services

Local SEO Consultant London

Local SEO

Local SEO is fundamental to a successful web and mobile presence. Optimising your website and Google Maps listings

SEO training workshops

SEO Training

Bespoke 100% relevant SEO training. We love SEO and to impart knowledge, with long term results passed on to many clients

Content marketing

SEO Recovery

Google manual penalty recovery, algorithm update decline. Website redesign or server move disaster. I’ve recovered from it all

My SEO process

The SEO process consists of six stages; discovery, audits, strategy, implementation, reporting and there’s also additional or stand alone SEO training. If that is the appropriate fit for your business or team.

  • 1 – Discovery
  • 2 – Audits
  • 3 – Strategy
  • 4 – Implementation
  • 5 – Reporting
  • 6 – SEO Training

I’m a ROI focused SEO expert and my SEO process usually begins with an SEO audit including keyword research and SEO strategy.

Implementation work can be carried out by myself and my team, or as consultancy with your own team. We implement technical changes that consist of site speed, code optimisation and URL structure as found in the audit and outlined in the strategy.

We optimise existing content to use keywords and topics as identified in the content audits and outlined in the content strategy, inline with your business goals. Of course, this is just half the equation and in most cases, you will benefit from the creation of new content to maximise the use of keywords and provide useful information to your users on your topic, this will help to differentiate you from your competitors, and raise the authority of your site.

Link acquisition and link building as well as social and outreach will be an important part of most strategies. However, I can’t emphasise enough that not all links are created equal and apparent quick results may become problematic later on. Remember PageRank is only one of over 200 algorithms or ranking factors. This means you will need a strategic approach in line with the lifetime goals of your site taken into account. Staying away from short term thinking and risky paid links.

I’m often called for SEO disaster recovery, a sort of COBRA SEO meeting if you will.

Some of my clients have been with me for many years, which is itself a testament to the strategies implemented and the results achieved.

How to do SEO recovery? One of my SEO specialities

There have been some major changes since 2018 with core quality updates, https, the mobile-first index and the advance of AI. However, the basis of SEO and SEO recovery seat on the same pillars of common sense and best practices as before.

Do you need an SEO? That’s a fair question and Google has some help with it.

Are Panda and Penguin a “thing” still?

The short answer is no. Not per se, as in the old days when they were released, early part of the last decade. However, they are still important and part of what Google now calls, Core Quality Updates mentioned above.

In other words, the Panda considerations for content quality and Penguin for healthy and natural link profiles are still as valid today as when Panda and Penguin were released. They are simply part of bigger updates. Therefore harder to pin down, Google has done this deliberately like many other data restrictions, in order to protect the algorithms from spammers and aggressive agencies.

SEO Google penalty recovery specialist

Google penalty recovery from backlinks

  • PBN (private/public blog networks) links
  • Spammy directories
  • Old domains redirects “Domaining”
  • Cloaked links.
  • Site-wide backlinks
  • Footer links
  • Advertorials and sponsored content
  • Guest posts that pass pagerank
  • All those emails with high DA you get daily
  • etc. etc.

Google manual penalty recovery

if you have a manual action by Google, you will see it Google Search Console. Check notifications and admins for the property should have received an email.

This will mention the reason for the penalty, typically too many artificial links, but can be something else. Such as an hacked website, spammy machine generated content, hidden text or keyword stuffing, etc. You can find a full list here.

Based on that, you can work on the recovery process.

Algorithmic penalty recovery

Manual actions from Google telling you what the issue is. On the other hand algorithmic penalties, is more of a guessing game. In the old days of Panda and Penguin, we could easily tell was content or backlinks.

As these are now part of the core updates it is more complicated. However, the recovery process is the same. Listening to what the industry forums and pandits say and matching declines to algorithm updates are an old staple of SEO recovery.

SEO training expert

I will also provide you with tailored training programmes that can vary from a 2 hour one-off individual session to a complete weekly or monthly bespoke programme, where we meet face to face at your office, workplace, favourite coffee shop or hotel. You can also work at my Old Street office, this carries an additional fee.

SEO Training in London or elsewhere can be a complement to my SEO consulting services offered above or as a stand alone to enrich your current skill set, team workshops are also available.

SEO consultant FAQ

Here you will find some of the most common and frequently asked questions my clients and prospects have in the initial enquiry phases.

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We have been working with Pedro Matias for a number of months now. And could not be happier to recommend his services. We approached them for SEO and they immediately understood what was needed and quickly came up with an action plan to be implemented, but also took the time to properly learn about our business. He is always responsive to requests and emails and a very professional to work with. We have already seen positive results from his work.

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