SEO Consultancy Services I Offer

Looking for a freelance SEO consultant in London? I have nearly a decade of experience as a local SEO consultant in central London and work across many industries and niches, ranging from tech startups, agencies of various specialities, as well as health, fitness, luxury, fashion, dating and finance, to mention but a few.

In this blog post, I summarise and link to the main services I provide. I know each site and team present a completely unique set of challenges and opportunities. With that in mind I have sculpted my SEO process over the years and separate work in distinct areas, as below:

SEO consultancy

With nearly a decade of SEO consulting in London and the UK markets. I have helped a few hundred sites of all shapes and sizes improve their search visibility. From a couple of hours of training with freelancers to years of continued and consistent results, engagement, search visibility and full web property management with corporations and brands. I have a varied portfolio and I’m extremely reliable. Some of my clients are reserved and require NDAs, which I’m more than happy to provide. Learn more.

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SEO Training Courses in London

I offer custom designed SEO, WordPress or WordPress SEO training sessions to fit your specific needs and your own project, not a rushed one size fits all academic exercise. Training begins at two or four hour sessions. Other combinations are also available.

Courses are tailored to your needs and my SEO process or as a complement to any SEO or digital marketing work I carry out for you.

SEO and WordPress training in London is conceived and delivered with yours and your team’s specific business goals and personal knowledge in mind. I cater for the total beginner and advanced user. All my training clients get their own WordPress website to play with if they do not have their own hosting or domain yet.

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5 Reasons To Get SEO Training For Your Business

There might be many more reasons to invest in SEO training and learning yourself or with your in house team. Learning SEO is almost like learning any other discipline. I say almost because SEO is both a science and an art, not something you can pin down to a one size fits all such as learning to code or manipulating images, to mention just two of the main areas of web design.

SEO Training Expert With Smart Thinking Bookshelf

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What Is QDF [Query Deserves Freshness] Why Fresh Content For SEO

What Is QDF? [Query Deserves Freshness]. The name is pretty self explanatory, taken literally and all things being equal,  fresher content will have priority over not so fresh or older content. But this does not apply to all queries or all query types.

Fresh fruit as fresh content for SEO

In case you are wondering the above is a picture of one of the most dazzling fresh fruit market displays I have ever Continue reading

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Server Location For SEO – How Important Is It?

In addition to using a local TLD for SEO and paying attention to other region, country and even city specific local SEO factors, it is also very important to consider where your server is located.

Here is proof that server location is an SEO ranking factor, right from the horse’s mouth, here’s the horse; I mean, Matt Cutts himself on the record explaining how they saw it in June 2009. Continue reading

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Is Better For SEO? Local SEO And TLDs

Is better seo? This is a question that brings a few visitors to this site, Google seems to “think” I already answer that question in another post. Google Local SEO 8 Quick Tips for Business. I’ll save you the click through, see below what that page says about a local TLD being better for SEO.

If you are a targeting just a local area or the UK, you will be better off with a domain name than a .com. If you are elsewhere get a local TLD (top level domain) i.e. .pt for Portugal .sp for Spain and so on.
If available, you should also get the .com for your business name, this avoids someone else getting it and compete with your site or try and impersonate you.

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SMX London 22-23 May 2018 Blog Partnership

We are excited to announce we have partnered once more with SMX London, the largest SEO and Paid Search conference in Europe and run by the editors and founders of Search Engine Land.

SMX London 22-23 May 2018

SMX London will take place on the 22-23 of May. Continue reading

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Why You Must Update WordPress, Themes And Plugins

WordPress is considered the most powerful blogging and website content management system around at the moment. The software that powers WordPress is open source, which means that the code is created and updated by a community of developers from all around the world.

Globe with round watches metaphor for WordPress updates

Whenever a new version of WordPress is released, security, performance and bug fixes are implemented, as well as innovative Continue reading

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HTTP To HTTPS – All HTTP Sites Marked NOT SECURE July 2018

UPDATE 13.02.2018 >> The latest from Google is that with Chrome 68 in July 18, all HTTP sites will be marked as [NOT SECURE].

Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”.

Cross posted from the Anglux Blog where it first appeared.

Back in 2014, Google has announced HTTPS as a ranking signal, at the time my reaction was, well like that of most people, so what, it is just negligible and virtually impossible to attribute any SEO advantage to https, or to any other single factor for that matter.

I have at least 10 other things I can think of that are a priority… forward to 2017 and that’s not so anymore. Chrome will eventually by December 2017 mark all HTTP pages as “Not secure“. In red for good measure.

eventual-treatment-of-all-HTTP-pages-by-Chrome-in-2017 Continue reading

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What Is Google Search RankBrain [For Mere Mortals]

RankBrain is an AI (artificial intelligence) system. Not to be confused with Google Brain, although certainly part of it. RankBrain is not an algorithm update in itself either, it is now part of the overall Google search algorithm. Rumours are that it is the third most important signal of over 200 ranking factors.




RankBrain marks a significant shift in direction from the Google search team. Continue reading

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Content Keywords In Search Console And Keyword Frequency

google search console logo

In case for some reason you are still thinking that keyword density (the proportion of keywords to the total number of words on a page) bears any relevance to the rankings of your page for these keywords.

Well they don’t, abusing and overusing keywords are a sure way to get on Panda’s radar sooner or later. Continue reading

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