SEO Strategy Services

Transparent SEO strategies for mid to upmarket brands in London the UK and worldwide.

Beyond SEO campaigns, long term strategic SEO based on tried and tested methods and results. Steming from years of consistent SEO results and recovery from Blackhat short term thinking SEO techniques.

SEO strategy services in London.

Why you should use my SEO strategy services?

As one of London’s leading SEO consultants, I have a track record of devising and implementing successful SEO strategies with some of London’s best brands and studios.

My SEO strategies are entirely within Google guidelines, and when implemented with my supervision and guidance, return SEO results and business leads increments in the order of 50 to 100% a year, sometimes exponentially.

SEO Strategist

White hat SEO strategies. I only work within Google’s guidelines to ensure your site will not be penalised and the results achieved are to last for many years.
If you’re unsure about how algorithms or Google guidelines on link schemes and others are affecting your website, contact me for SEO consulting in London, the UK and worldwide.

SEO strategy services


Some London and worldwide leading brands I have the privilege to work with

Don’t just take my word for it

Pedro is a proactive and knowledgeable SEO consultant who works in a very structured manner.
Pedro will be pushing you hard to get things done so he can achieve some real results for you.

Jone Jones THP


THP Chartered Accountants

I order to devise an SEO strategy we can implement successfully, I will begin with an SEO audit, including your website, your business and the objectives of the business.

This alongside competitor analysis will enable us to build a complete bespoke SEO strategy based on your needs, team, resources, and objectives.

My SEO services help you generate relevant business leads and attract new clients, not simply Google rankings or traffic.

I know that successful and sustainable SEO requires technical expertise, great content or service, and brand exposure through targeted content marketing, digital PR and link acquisition (not your run-of-the-mill link building).

In fact, in most cases, active link building may not even be necessary. Quite simply do not believe what the short term link spammers tell you on that. I’ve seen them coming and going more than I care to remember.

The services I offer will closely match the needs of your business. I am used to devising bespoke SEO strategies that include helping directors and C-level make decisions based on business needs.

Working closely with developers to optimise all technical aspects of a website. As well as working with and training copywriters and website and social managers to deliver successful SEO strategies.

SEO Consulting services

SEO Consulting

Is all I do I have a track record of delivering consistent sustainable results and specialise in SEO recovery

SEO Audit service in london

SEO Audits

All great SEO starts with an SEO audit. My audits gain insight to improve your UX increase visitors and sales

SEO training services.

SEO Training

Bespoke 100% relevant SEO training. I love SEO and to impart knowledge, passed on to many clients

Website migration SEO strategies

Whether you are migrating your website to a new domain or redesigning the same domain. SEO can and often goes wrong. This can also happen when you migrate to a new web hosting provider.

I have been called to fix the loss of rankings and search traffic often over the years. See my Website Redesign When Should You Involve An SEO for the pitfalls to avoid.

Top tip: the timing for involving an SEO should be before you begin a redesign, server or domain move.

Four areas of SEO strategy

  1. technical SEO:  is your content crawlable and indexable, “can Google see it”
  2. content: does your content answer your audience’s questions
  3. on-site SEO: is your content and HTML optimised
  4. off-site SEO: are there local, social and link signal that verify your website
Local SEO Consultant Londonces

Local SEO

Local SEO is fundamental to a successful web and mobile presence. Optimising your website and Google Maps listings

SEO training workshops

SEO Training

Bespoke 100% relevant SEO training. We love SEO and to impart knowledge, with long term results passed on to many clients

Content marketing

SEO Recovery

Google manual penalty recovery, algorithm update decline. Website redesign or server move disaster. I’ve recovered from it all

My dating agency had completely lost its Google rankings due to thousands of toxic links. Pedro quickly spotted what was wrong and rectified the problems. Our good ranking has been restored. They also worked closely with my web designers, intelligently implemented many ideas to help with ranking and UX. They are extremely diligent, thoughtful and available if one has a question or urgent task to attend to. Pedro he’s also one helluva nice guy. See what they can do for your site!

Mary Balfour corporate SEO client

Mary Balfour

founder & Director

What is SEO strategy?

SEO is the process of optimising your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). In short, SEO helps your web presence by altering how your site appears in search engines giving your site a leg up on competitors whose sites aren’t optimised for search. If a character on Breaking Bad says “I know there is a cure for cancer but I also know that it will take years to find it”, this would be true even if the cure were right under their nose. Search engine optimisation marketing or SEO is the process of using websites’ content to fuel the development of more targeted marketing campaigns.

An important aspect of SEO strategy is analysing search engine results pages (SERPs). These are the pages that appear when you search for a particular term. Each search engine has its own set of rules about what can and can’t be included in a SERP, so it’s important to understand those rules in order to effectively use SEO strategies. While you may think that knowing the specifics of how search engines work will give you an edge over competitors, it won’t. The only way to truly know how to beat an SEO service or blog is to actually use one — by paying them for their services or writing their articles for them.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is important as it keeps the internet viable. Without good search engine optimisation, users wouldn’t be able to find your content easily. Search engine optimisation is more than just optimising your website’s titles, tags, and keywords; it also includes reading and watching external resources such as blog posts and reviews, watching videos on YouTube, and referring friends to your site (via social media).

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important aspects for building an online presence. Anyone can create a blog or site. But in order to make money, you need to have a website that could rank highly in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Without proper SEO strategies, your earnings will be drastically reduced. On the other hand, having a strong presence on the internet allows you to connect with potential customers and suppliers. This leads to greater sales and more profit.

What is an SEO content marketing strategy?

SEO is still one of the biggest online marketing strategies in 2021. Search engine optimisation is a process that involves targeted content creation, search engine optimisation and social media marketing to increase website traffic and position your product or service on search engines. Search engine optimisation takes place on both small and large scales depending on the type of website or business being searched for. The SEO strategy can be divided into several major components which include but not limited to; link building, social media marketing, content marketing strategy and technical SEO efforts.

If you are serious about improving your search engine ranking, then you need to hire SEO experts. I provide services to help you with this. We understand the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) as it relates to business and finding sources of traffic to your website for free. To do this, we must understand how keywords work. We must incorporate this knowledge into our content marketing strategy. And, we must test and adjust our strategies based on the data we gather. These are the core elements that make up the SEO process.

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