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Transparent Local SEO for London businesses and brands from a trusted SEO specialist. Looking for a local SEO services in London?

Local SEO goes hand in hand with mobile search and Google Maps in many ways, this has never been truer than for 2021.

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Google has launched their mobile-first index now firmly established. This in layperson’s terms means the mobile version of a page is the one used for indexing and ranking. Mobile devices take priority, hence the name mobile-first index. This is critical to SEO and Google maps results.

Local SEO London

Local SEO in our case would be to target London and queries related to both your business products or services and London, or even for example just central London, North London and so on

We can also target individual neighborhoods, if your business is specific to just a few areas, if, for example, you operate just in Westminster or the City.

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Local SEO Consultant

Local SEO is SEO targeted to a specific area, my services are mostly for London since there’s where I operate and a place I know well. However, this will apply to any other location you are at and in essence consists of all the normal SEO factors, technical, on page factors and promotion or all the things you do outside of your own website, with a local emphasis.

Local seo services london.

Google My Business SEO

Google has an average of 90% of the UK and Europe’s search market share. In 2021 the single most important action for Local SEO is to correctly list and use Google My Business.

See for example this site and the panel on the right on Google. That’s just the start and lots of business do not do it or do not take full advantage of its potential.

I order to devise an SEO strategy we can implement successfully, I will begin with an SEO audit, including your website, your business and the objectives of the business.


Some London and worldwide leading brands I have the privilege to work with

Local SEO impact on Mobile SEO?

With continued mobile growth and Google’s push for all things mobile, Local SEO is absolutely vital.

From the middle of 2018 when the mobile first index should have rolled out in full for most UK sites, Mobile site speed will be a ranking factor and mobile, local search and local SEO more intertwined.

In late 2019 and 2020 the impact of local SEO on voice search was also greater by the day. Google’s push for Question and and Answer type of queries in order to feed its AI and push Google Assistant and voice search linked to Nest and Google Home products.

The importance of local SEO on mobile results cannot be overestimated this will be ever more so. Local SEO is greatly improved with the use of Google Maps and Google My Business. However, like with all things SEO there is the right and not so right way to do things.

What London areas do you work in?

I’m your local seo expert for any area of London, or anywhere in the UK. I am based in Old Street and Shoreditch and also in West London.

Don’t take my word for it

Pedro was fantastic to work with. He was always ready to help with any questions and provided us with a lot of information that has helped us with our website and general online presence. His detailed action plan was incredibly helpful and we now know what we can keep working on to ensure that there’s constant growth. Definitely recommend!

Rita Horta Molecular Sound SEO client

Rita Horta


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