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Greetings. I’m Pedro Matias a seasoned SEO specialist and private SEO trainer in central London.

I have worked in digital and the web since 2003 in various web design and SEO consulting roles, spanning academia, training and agency side.

It is my privilege to work in SEO for over a decade with some of the most exciting brands, studios, agencies, teams and individuals in London, the UK and Worldwide.

Pedro Matias SEO

As a local SEO consultant I have helped many businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes improve their search visibility in the London and UK markets. With many clients sustaining bottom line growth for years. Your average SEO consultant will leave within months or even weeks.

I am equally comfortable auditing large corporate websites, developing SEO strategies with management and working on implementation with in house teams and third party suppliers from my network or yours.

I have extensive experience working with the latests tools, such as Zoom and similar, managing teams remotely over Slack, Asana and similar tools, including getting everyone motivated, happy and challenged.

My services can be provided in the strictest confidence and with NDAs.

I work with mid to upmarket agencies, corporations and brands as well as artists, entrepreneurs, business owners or managers in London, the UK and worldwide.


Some London and worldwide leading brands I have the privilege to work with

One-off or Monthly SEO retainer

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