What is the SERP? Search Engine Results Page

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is the page or pages used by search engines to display the results when a user search. The SERP is arguably the  most important thing in SEO! Why you may ask? Well it is very simple, that’s where you want and need to be if you site is to have any chance of succeeding and be found by your target audience.


SEOs will often argue that the most important thing in SEO is whatever their own SEO speciality or niche is. A copywriter will argue that copy and keywords are the most important. Link builders that are the links pointing to your site and so on, the fact is all these things are of some relevance to get you where?

Yep that’s right to the SERPs or more specifically to page one of SERPs. Preferably in Google all others are less relevant if not irrelevant at all, to the majority of searchers and websites, the exceptions being Bing and Yahoo, which are increasingly one and the same thing.

So “having established” that SERPs is the most important thing in SEO, the next in order of priority will be a strategy and plan that defines where, who, when, if and in what amount each of the other things should be done, by things is meant as mentioned above activities such as copy, link building, code optimisation, cheating your way into the top, aka black hat SEO (Not recommended), etc.

What is your “most important” favourite thing in SEO? What do you believe in?

I had originally drafted this post in comparing SERPs to Hyde Park’s speakers corner, but that is maybe too much of a leap for most people and off topic for this site, another time another site.

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