With nearly a decade of SEO consulting in London and the UK markets. I have helped a few hundred sites of all shapes and sizes improve their search visibility. From a couple of hours of training with freelancers to years of continued and consistent results, engagement, search visibility and full web property management with corporations and brands. I have a varied portfolio and I’m extremely reliable. Some of my clients are; reserved and require NDAs, which I’m more than happy to provide.

My SEO process consists of four stages, audits, strategy, implementation, maintenance and there’s additional training if that is the appropriate fit for you, either as an individual or for your team.

Hire me with a monthly SEO retainer, one off SEO work and training or hourly rate.

Try also SEO training personalised to your needs

90% of my SEO clients run their sites on WordPress, if this is your case my monthly SEO fee may include full management, maintenance and even hosting just outside London with state of the art servers.

You can benefit from just one aspect of my services, such as an SEO audit or devising a strategy that you can implement yourself.

SEO audits

In the initial analytical phase, we look at technical SEO factors, your content and promotion, which includes your social media presence and Google local, as well as your link graph and wider web presence. Finally, we look at your tracking and reporting and will set it up where there is none and automate it wherever possible if one is in place. That will mostly be Google Analytics and Google Search Console, but we can surely go well beyond that.

SEO strategy

SEO strategy is a key step in any SEO process, once we audited your site we begin by defining the goals and duration of the SEO work to be carried out and the level of involvement from our team and yourself as business owner or manager and your own team if you have one.

Aligning your SEO efforts with your business goals and exploring keyword opportunities you might be missing, planning a content strategy and disseminating your content via a solid link acquisition strategy (link acquisition and link earning are very different from your high-risk run of the mill short term thinking) and social media presence.

Ultimately it is about getting you more targeted visitors for the least amount of effort in the shortest period of time. Crucially all our approaches and strategies will have long term business goals and sustainability in mind. SEO is an industry plagued with short-term thinking.

SEO implementation

The level of involvement will vary from just advice and training on producing SEO focused content for a small website owner, to a full schedule content strategy with monthly, weekly or even daily blog post or article creation, publication and promotion.

I have in place a number of collaborators that complement my skills in all areas of SEO, web design and content creation that I can tap into.

SEO maintenance

Is about representing you or supporting you with your social media efforts, link acquisition strategy, content creation and provide you with additional insights to automated analytics reporting, as much or as little as you need.

SEO training

I will also provide you with tailored training programmes that can vary from a 120 minute one off individual session to a complete weekly, fortnightly or monthly bespoke programme where we meet face to face at your workplace, favourite coffee shop or hotel.

This can be a complement to my SEO consulting services offered above or as a stand alone to enrich your current skill set, team workshops are also available.

Corporate SEO consulting

I have worked with many medium to large corporate websites and helped high volume news sites and blogs recover from Google Penguin and Panda penalties. I can audit all aspects of SEO, including technical implementation of microformats, AMP and rich cards. Learn more about Corporate SEO.

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