Do you need an SEO consultant in London? You might even have searched for “find an SEO near me now“, a growing trend. I’m between the Tech City and Westminster. I’m not far away no matter where you are in central London, you can meet me in person, schedule a call or video conference.

With nearly a decade of SEO consulting in London and the UK markets, I have helped many sites of all shapes and sizes improve their search visibility and significantly increase sales. From training with freelancers to years of continued and consistent results, engagement, search visibility and full web property management with corporations and brands. I have a varied portfolio and I’m extremely reliable. Some of my clients are reserved and require NDAs, which I’m more than happy to provide.

One-off SEO, hourly or monthly retainer

You can benefit from just one aspect of my services, such as an SEO audit or devising a strategy that you can implement yourself.

My SEO process consists of three stages, audits, strategy, implementation and there’s additional training if that is the appropriate fit for you, either as an individual or for your team.

SEO audits and research

In the initial analytical phase, we look at technical SEO factors, your content including keyword research and your promotion, which includes your social media presence and local SEO, as well as your link graph (the links from the web to your site).

We also audit your tracking and reporting and will set it up where there is none and automate it wherever possible if one is in place. That will mostly be Google Analytics and Google Search Console, but we can surely go well beyond that.

If it is SEO or a related discipline I can do it probably better than most in the UK.

Types of SEO audits

  • Full technical audit
  • URL structure
  • Internal linking
  • Site speed
  • Website redesign
  • Competitor audit
  • Content audit
  • Keyword audit
  • Link profile (backlinks)
  • Local SEO and citations
  • Social media for SEO
  • International SEO
  • Industry specific audits

SEO strategy

The level of involvement will vary from just strategy and advice or training on producing SEO focused content for a small website owner, to a full schedule content strategy with monthly, weekly or even daily blog post or article creation, publication and promotion.

Fix or provide guidance on fixing code and technical issues and URL structure, depending on your site setup and type of CMS (content management system).

We also devise a safe link acquisition/building strategy that does not compromise your site.

I have in place a number of collaborators that complement my skills in all areas of SEO, web design and content creation that I can tap into and I’m equally comfortable work with any members of your own team or third party companies and freelancers.

High-level strategic areas

  • Technical SEO
  • Site structure
  • Content, keywords and topics
  • Link profile, acquisition/building

SEO implementation

Implementation work can be carried out by myself and my team or as consultancy with your own team.

We implement technical changes that consist of site speed, code optimisation and URL structure as found in the audit and outlined in the strategy.

We optimise existing content to use keywords and topics as identified in the content audits and outlined in the content strategy in line with your business goals. Of course, this is just half the equation and in most cases, you will benefit from the creation of new content to maximise the use of keywords and provide useful information to your users on your topic, this will help to differentiate you from your competitors, and raise the authority of your site.

Link acquisition and link building as well as social and outreach will be an important part of most strategies, but I can’t stress enough that not all links are created equal and apparent quick results may become problematic later on, this means you will need a strategic approach in line with the lifetime goals of your site taken into account.

Some of my clients have been with me for many years.

SEO training

I will also provide you with tailored training programmes, that can vary from a 4 hour one-off individual session to a complete weekly, or monthly bespoke programme, where we meet face to face at your office, workplace, favourite coffee shop or hotel. You can also work at my Old Street office, this carries an additional fee.

Training can be a complement to my SEO consulting services offered above or as a stand alone to enrich your current skill set, team workshops are also available.

One-off SEO, hourly or monthly retainer