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Looking for a freelance SEO consultant in London? I have nearly a decade of experience as a local SEO consultant in central London and work across many industries and niches, ranging from tech startups, agencies of various specialities, as well as health, fitness, luxury, fashion, dating and finance, to mention but a few.

In this blog post, I summarise and link to the main services I provide. I know each site and team present a completely unique set of challenges and opportunities. With that in mind I have sculpted my SEO process over the years and separate work in distinct areas, as below:

SEO consultancy

With nearly a decade of SEO consulting in London and the UK markets. I have helped a few hundred sites of all shapes and sizes improve their search visibility. From a couple of hours of training with freelancers to years of continued and consistent results, engagement, search visibility and full web property management with corporations and brands. I have a varied portfolio and I’m extremely reliable. Some of my clients are reserved and require NDAs, which I’m more than happy to provide. Learn more.

Corporate SEO

I work with medium to large corporate websites and help high volume news sites and blogs recover from Google Penguin and Panda penalties. With my team I can audit all aspects of SEO, including technical implementation of microformats and AMP. Learn more.


SEO training

SEO training for teams available. Many of my clients have become visible on Google and continue to be for years not just Christmas. I advocate a white hat approach (within Google guidelines) but will expose you to the other side. The choice is then yours! Learn more.

About Pedro Matias

I'm a central London SEO consultant and private tutor, also specialise in WordPress web design and training. All SEO, web consulting and training approaches are centred on user experience, minimalism, speed and engineering centric design. Run 10K for lunch most days for fun and health.
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