What Is Google Search RankBrain [For Mere Mortals]

RankBrain is an AI (artificial intelligence) system. Not to be confused with Google Brain, although certainly part of it. RankBrain is not an algorithm update in itself either, it is now part of the overall Google search algorithm. Rumours are that it is the third most important signal of over 200 ranking factors.




RankBrain marks a significant shift in direction from the Google search team. Continue reading

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Content Keywords In Search Console And Keyword Frequency

google search console logo

In case for some reason you are still thinking that keyword density (the proportion of keywords to the total number of words on a page) bears any relevance to the rankings of your page for these keywords.

Well they don’t, abusing and overusing keywords are a sure way to get on Panda’s radar sooner or later. Continue reading

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What Is QDF [Query Deserves Freshness] Why Fresh Content For SEO

What Is QDF? [Query Deserves Freshness]. The name is pretty self explanatory, taken literally and all things being equal,  fresher content will have priority over not so fresh or older content. But this does not apply to all queries or all query types.

Fresh fruit as fresh content for SEO

In case you are wondering the above is a picture of one of the most dazzling fresh fruit market displays I have ever Continue reading

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Fast SEO Results Are A Myth!

The views in this post are my opinion. So that you can make your mind, up let me put it clearly from the beginning so you can decide whether to read more or not.  Fast SEO results are a myth, they simply do not exist, there are ways to get fast results on Google but they simply are not SEO, they are SPAM (Webspam to be precise). Continue reading

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How To Use WordPress 4.4 Embed Feature For Content Repurposing

Happy new year! It is January the 4th, Monday, just reading the previous sentence can prove exhausting in itself; and your brain is still reluctant to come back to work. But you need to get some fresh content so your audience knows you are still alive and kicking, not to mention pleasing the almighty Google algorithms. Continue reading

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How Many Tags And Categories In A WordPress Blog For SEO?

This is one of the most common questions I have come across over the past seven years of auditing and working with over two hundred WordPress sites and blogs of all shapes and sizes. As ever there is no set number or rule that applies to all sites, but both for SEO and UX (user experience), it’s a good idea to keep things simple and manageable. Continue reading

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Bespoke SEO And WordPress Training In Barcelona

4 hour one to one SEO & WordPress training in Barcelona from €360 ONLY


I’m next in Barcelona November and December 2017, your bookings will help me narrow the exact dates.

Outside those months, a 6 hour booking for two people, €900, would be the minimum booking needed to make me travel to you. I would normally need two/three weeks notice.

You can book me most days from 08.00 to 20.00 local time.

Benvinguts, I’ve got great news for you if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, artist, tutor or consultant and a resident in Barcelona or someone passing through, mostly if you are an upmarket company based in Barcelona and are looking for quality bespoke training or private tuition both for your WordPress site or simply for SEO for any type of website.

I offer custom designed SEO sessions to fit your specific needs, tuition will be based on half day, or weekly plans and my SEO process, or as a complement to any SEO work I carry out for you.

4 hour One to One SEO or WordPress training

4 hour One to One SEO or WordPress training €360 ONLY

4-hour group + €240 per additional person

All these include email support and site audit

Half day SEO training is conceived and delivered with your and your small team’s specific business goals and personal knowledge in mind, I cater for beginners and advanced users.

Map of Barcelona on Google Maps

Continue reading

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Google Panda 4.2 Update And Other 2015 Algorithm Changes Summary

The safest SEO strategy to stay clear of any Panda negative effects and any other algorithm update is to stay within Google guidelines, and focus on the user and UX (user experience), having a site that is structurally sound and in 2015 staying away from link building (only link builders and other self interested parties will tell you otherwise). Continue reading

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