I work with medium to large corporate websites and help high volume news sites and blogs recover from Google Penguin and Panda penalties. With my team I can audit all aspects of SEO, including technical implementation of microformats and AMP.

Corporate SEO audits

After years auditing websites, patterns emerge and while each site and the team behind it present a unique set of technical and content challenges. I rely primarily on this experience to sift through large volumes of data and ask specific questions to key team members in order to build a picture of technical issues and content or promotion opportunities.

I have my own process sculpted over the years, by separating key areas of work we can get to an initial set of key recommendations and a strategic direction in a relative short period of time.

Crucially, each aspect of the wider puzzle while contributing to the overall SEO strategy and business goals will stand well on its own.

Corporate SEO strategy

Whether your project requires an audit and strategy to implement opportunities, in a form of a one off report or a more comprehensive roadmap for successful growth in a particular area over a 6, 12 month or longer periods, I can work with key inhouse team members or bring my own resources from a wide pool of agencies, developers, designers and copywriters. Should we require to hunt the appropriate resources for your niche together, I will be more than happy to work with your team to fulfill these requirements.

White, black or grey SEO?

My answer is TRANSPARENT

I personally prefer to work to a long term strategy that focus primarily on content marketing and user experience, this has served me and most of my clients well over the years and a large proportion of my work has been cleaning link building and black hat disasters caused by short term thinking.

I would, however, be more than happy to evaluate short term or link building strategies if this is what your project or niche demands. I will make you aware of the risks and likely timelines for all strategic approaches. You do not want fast results if they mean your site is nowhere to be seen shortly after those results.

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