5 Reasons To Get SEO Training For Your Business

There might be many more reasons to invest in SEO training and learning yourself or with your in house team. Learning SEO is almost like learning any other discipline. I say almost because SEO is both a science and an art, not something you can pin down to a one size fits all such as learning to code or manipulating images, to mention just two of the main areas of web design.

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SEO will most likely involve coding and manipulating images and doing that “properly” or in an optimal manner, but also writing content, doing research on a particular product or service, as well as any promotion you can do within search engine guidelines. There are also technical factors such as mobile friendliness, UX (user experience), server location, site speed and a virtually endless array of factors.

Do not worry though, if this list seems scary, do not be put off. Everyone starts somewhere and you may be able to learn and apply SEO knowledge with results with very little or no coding skills or technical knowledge. Content is a great part of good SEO and the best place to begin, within reach by just about anyone.

1 – You know your business/market better than almost anyone else

I never cease to be amazed at the never ending intricate details each product or service has, that only the people working in that particular field or sometimes even the market segment of that particular product know.

This will mean that your knowledge and experience in blue widgets or precious stones, or whatever your craft may be, already have you in good stead to know what are the words and keywords your clients use to find you, and any other number of details about pricing, market segmentation and seasonality of your business.

If you combine this knowledge with even the most basic SEO understanding, you could apply these with success in a matter of months or even weeks. I’m not simply saying this. One of the reasons I offer training as well as SEO services is that my most dedicated clients have come to get results and very consistent ones, I often joke that I would hire them as SEOs. That brings me more personal satisfaction than any rankings and turnovers I achieve for them.

2 – Your budget may be limited

This is the second most important reason why you should invest in SEO training, your budget is limited. Even if you were to invest simply in learning how Google and search engines work and some basic keyword research and content writing for SEO. With a little method and persistence, you could see results that significantly impact your business and bottom line.

3 – You are likely to learn more in a few hours about SEO and your site than you have done for years

This will be particularly true if your site is built in WordPress, I’m not just saying this because I provide WordPress and WordPress SEO training myself. It is the other way around, I use and provide WordPress training and WordPress SEO training myself because WordPress is by far:

  • The most user friendly CMS (content management system)
  • The most widely used (over 25% of the web runs on it)
  • It has the largest worldwide community
  • It has the largest variety of SEO related tools

Again, I’m not simply saying this because I plucked it out of thin air. Most of my SEO clients learnt more about not just how SEO works but also their WordPress sites and server setups within the first month with me than the previous lifetime of their websites. This is partly due to the fact that I operate a full transparency and control approach to SEO and web development and maintenance.

The average or the majority of web developers, SEOs and web agencies work on a “control and trap basis”, meaning they will either own the hosting account where the sites is, or do SEO of the shady kind by using blog networks to affect your rankings and then leave you dependent on them. There are many tactics and strategies but they all boil down to one simple thing.

You will be dependent in one shape or other on the web developer or SEO for updating content, securing your site or doing SEO.

I believe in a “give control away in order to get it”. I make sure you control and own all aspects of your site and SEO. If and when you want to stop working with me, there will be a zero friction departure, you are already in control. This has served me well over the years and I do not want to have it any other way. I’m only interested in clients not hostages.

4 – What you learn can be applied many times over

Unlike investing in Adwords or any other form of paid media, where you pay £xxx.00 you get xxx amount of visitors.

SEO and SEO training gives you the knowledge to do it yourself, you can apply what you learn many times over on your current website or any future ones.

5 – At some point, you might be able to manage your SEO yourself

Don’t take me wrong, SEO is like running or exercising for fat loss, you may see some results you may see none if you give up too early or fail to put in the time and effort required. In my experience SEO and most other things, that matter are 90% perspiration and the other 10% luck or knowledge.

Persistency, is my favourite word, and one thing is for sure, you can learn and research from others and even your competitors but your project or website is likely to present a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

Why you should hire me to do SEO training for your website or your team?

I have been on the top of Google for SEO consulting and SEO and WordPress training queries in London, for over half a decade and have seen many black hat and other shades of grey SEO consultants and agencies come and go within a year or two.

I promise second to none commitment and dedication and this in my experience returns results that can be maintained.

Who should hire me?

From the days of Authorship, circa 2013 (if you do not know what that is, go and Google it, SEO is largely about Googling things) I am working with luxury and super luxury brands based in London and worldwide. However, I am more than happy to continue working with mid-range teams, brands and freelancers and as ever anything in between.

The minimum you can hire me for is a 2 hour taster, so we can both figure out if we are a good fit.

About Pedro Matias

I'm a central London SEO consultant and private tutor, also specialise in WordPress web design and training. All SEO, web consulting and training approaches are centred on user experience, minimalism, speed and engineering centric design. Run 10K for lunch most days for fun and health.
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