The Knowledge Graph Optimisation – The Strange Case Of…

I could start this post as a love story between two bots, that would be an explanation for the strange case of… it would seem that the knowledge graph bot has misguidedly fallen in love with one of the miss-creations of WP Robot. 

The paragraph above means nothing to you? No problem just pretend the post begins here.

The Strange Case Of The Knowledge Graph Optimisation

Knowledge Graph Optimisation

I’m not linking to that, you can copy+paste at your leisure.

The exact search term was: “what is SEO strategy

SEO Strategies
SEO strategies are the techniques used in Search Engine Optimization to improve a site’s Position and Page Rank and increase its Click-Through Rate. A few SEO strategies are keyword research and content writing, optimized HTML code, and improved Geographical Targeting.

The More Info link above goes to:

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So What Is SEO Strategy

I was researching SEO strategy for a client and for an upcoming post, it is always a good idea to re-search Google to see what almighty G (the oracle of our times minus the divinity) has to say. So for my views on SEO strategy not just a paragraph definition, keep an eye out for it, it’s in the oven and will be served soon.

To my dismay that very query: “what is SEO strategy” brings up a knowledge graph response/answer that while it is not half bad, it comes from a less than reputable site, which, I could be wrong, appears to be written by the infamous WP robot and have the sole purpose of advertising a banner in which it appears.

I just tweeted a post about the subject of Knowledge Graph Optimisation that makes some sense, but if the example above is anything to go by it will be as clear cut and easy to optimise for as many of the other myths in the search and SEO fields. Such as (pull one out of the hat) guaranteed page one results for #termX in 30 days and you won’t ever see your money back.

On that note I think this post is as good as any to launch my new category, SEO Theory.

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