SEO Or PPC Which is Best?

SEO or PPC which is best? This is yet another question that many website owners of all shapes and sizes have. The answer is almost always, BOTH!

Cat Watching SEO and PPC Steady Flow of Traffic.

Cat Watching SEO and PPC Steady Flow of Traffic

The answer is almost always both, and the question reveals more than the actual answer, meaning that (in my experience) there’s a wide number of website owners that have little understanding of the all web picture and how Internet Marketing actually works.

SEO is a Long Term Strategy

I’m going to use another example from this site, last month, August, according with SEMRush, this website had just under a thousand visits from natural search (confirmed in analytics) that would have cost over $800.00 to buy via PPC, although in reality it’s probably more than that since some of the queries are of extreme high value coming to around £10.00 per click on PPC.

This site is nearly two years old, my investment over that period in the form of a solid white-hat strategy has been increasingly paying off. Last month was the month I put less time on the site and yet the previous efforts including staying on the good side of such exotic web creatures as Panda and Penguin (for non-SEOs these are the names of the last two major Google algorithm updates). Ensured a month of increased growth in good natural search traffic or the object of SEO work.

For the record, there is or there was pre-penguin and no doubt plenty of people that will try and hopefully, not succeed in selling you, “short term SEO” with results in a matter of weeks rather than months, that may be possible still, but a road that I would not recommend at all.

If that is possible, that can only be achieved using less than recommendable techniques, aka black-hat SEO or outright WEBSPAM. Not recommendable tactics or strategies for sites wanting to last any length of time that is sustainable for a real business. Which by the way has absolutely nothing to do with ethics or morality.

PPC is Both a Short and Long Term Strategy

PPC is a short term strategy in that you can have traffic from it in a matter of hours. Unlike SEO where you need to wait for your content to be crawled, indexed and then ranked. A PPC ad also obeys to an ad quality criteria and ranking system, but the all process is much quicker, the amount of ads compared to the amount of content on the web are very different. As long as the ad follows the guidelines you’ll be having fresh new visitors in no time.

The PPC Adwords Setup Process:

1 – Sign up for an Adwords account
2 – Write a killer ad
3 – Make sure that you’ve got a payment method in place
4 – SAFETY MEASURE – Set up a daily budget, so you don’t get charged above that.

That’s it, head off basking in the sun, you have a new flow of visitors and potential clients coming to your site.

Now basking in the sun is probably pushing it, you need to keep an eye on things and keep optimising your Adwords campaigns for best performance in order to maximise CONVERSIONS, but conversions are for another post.

PPC as a Long Term Strategy is simply that, keeping the campaigns going and over time, if well managed they will just like natural search and SEO, become easier to manage and return more visitors at cheaper prices than at the beginning.

Need help setting up or optimising your AdWords? Get in touch. I even have £75.00 vouchers to help you get going, all you need is a £25.00 investment to get it.

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