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In this post I will guide you through a tool that can be useful to SEO professionals as well as the layperson looking to hire one, or establish their skill level. The tool itself is very simple all it does is checking a given keyword, in this case SEO Consultant against a given URL (, matching a number of parameters. See embedded document below.
Now the tool is simple, building a page to score an A with it and follow the search engine guidelines is another matter altogether.

The tool, Term Target is from SEOmoz and as the name suggests does what is explained above. You would need to register for a free account in order to use it, the tool lets you have a go at three terms per day also free, if you need more you can sign up for a pro account, but this post aims to help the non-technical user figure out if the SEO they trying to hire has any idea of what they’re doing. If you are a professional SEO or aspirant, you better have heard of the specific tool or at least of SEOmoz. :)

SEO Consultant On-Page Report Card

The logic here being that any SEO consultant marketing their services online, should have either their homepage or a services or similar page targeting the keyword of their job description and if they are doing a good job, which you can check with the term target tool, chances are that’s the knowledge they will apply to any work they carry out on your site.

Bare in in mind this is only half the equation, no amount of On-page optimisation alone can produce high rankings on Google, conversely no amount of links from other sites can alone produce high rankings if pointing to a poorly optimised page. On that note if you found this post useful and own a blog or site that is relevant why not link to it, share it, embed the report or pin it to your wall.

And most importantly feel free to run the report again on this site if it helps you deciding to hire me as your SEO consultant.


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