Search Engine Submission In 2011/12 Stay Fresh

So you think you know what Search Engine Submission is and I’m sure you do, you just launched an amazing site. Now you figure you need to get people to visit it, you dabbled into the wild and free for all world of Facebook, Twitter and you probably already on Google+, good on you. I mean it! I’m all for staying ahead of the game.

You may know about what SEO is and you’ve come across search engine submission and that you need to submit your site’s URL to hundreds of search engines, NOT! Starting with Google of course, you may even know about XML and that is a kind of “underground” for the web, helping your hard crafted content travel from your lonely server to Google’s astronomic data centres and anyone else that can be bothered to get it.

Search Engine Submission 2011 – 2012

Google+ page on Google+ platform

Forget all that above, because Search Engine Submission and SEO in 2011/12 is about… Google+, fresh content (not new I know, this post was in my drafts since last month) and now there’s the new: algorithm update affecting up to 30% of all quieres, site speed, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, syndication via Feedburner, you probably will be doing all of this with the help of Google Docs at some point if you aren’t already.

Half of you will also be using an Android device to check the myriad of social networks and probably anywhere from hundred to a thousand RSS feeds in order to keep up with the game and curate some content, which you will slowly but surely post to Google+, not just Twitter and Facebook, by the time they’re finished with this social stuff and associated search algorithm changes, you have absolutely no chance but to have pretty Google+ buttons in every single page and also be listening and reacting to that on Google+. The alternative is giving up on a good portion of “natural” search traffic.

Stay Fresh

With a 90% market share in the UK and most of the western world and 70% to 90% in the USA, depending on who you read. A good strategy would be to start thinking of sacking the team of underpaid third world link builders and focus on feeding Google with fresh content, all of course in the interest of your users and a good user experience.

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