10 Questions To Ask Before Designing/Developing Your Website

As a website owner, the first thing I would recommend is that you start thinking about your website as if it was your car, your home or your business premises, I’m sure you go to great lengths to ensure that everything is in your name, that you are the legal owner of those properties and only you or someone you trust have the keys to it.

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How To Do 2014 Link Building and Link Prospecting Outreach (NOW)

As you may have suspected this post is not really about building links the 2014 way right now, no really you haven’t fallen for that have you? :D after all the Spring of 2013 isn’t even here yet, Googlers don’t know what Google will Continue reading

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How To Exclude Google Analytics Internal Traffic

Skip the prose and go straight to the filters. In this post you’ll learn about separating your own traffic from your users in GA (Google Analytics). In just under a month two small clients and one prospect were in need of knowing and doing what for most of us is the very basic  Continue reading

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Server Location For SEO – How Important Is It?

In addition to using a local TLD for SEO and paying attention to other region, country and even city specific local SEO factors, it is also very important to consider where your server is located.

Here is proof that server location is an SEO ranking factor, right from the horse’s mouth, here’s the horse; I mean, Matt Cutts himself on the record explaining how they saw it in June 2009. Continue reading

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How Often Should You Update A Business Blog

Pundits of all shapes, sizes and provenances will give you their own recipe for success. The answer is as varied as there are business types, so it can be as often as you possibly can, as sparsely as you can get away with and anything else in between.

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Business blogs exist for many reasons and not all are created considering their full business potential, some do well in search, (SEO) others do well in social and not so many actually do well in both. The vast majority are read by the writer, her mummy and her cat.
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Google Search To Become The Star Trek Computer Talk + Q&A

This post was originally written for and published on Google+ but this being a blog about search and SEO, it may be of interest to some of you search geeks and enthusiasts. There are a few other posts “in the oven” but not Continue reading

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SEO Or PPC Which is Best?

SEO or PPC which is best? This is yet another question that many website owners of all shapes and sizes have. The answer is almost always, BOTH! Continue reading

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