How To Get All Pages Indexed By Google

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Now the title got your attention, the short answer is, there is no magic formula! There are a few DOs and DON’Ts worth bearing in mind.

What To Avoid

Remember no one can guarantee they can achieve it, any SEO that promises you they can have all your pages indexed by Google or any other search engine or any guarantees for that matter, such as appearing on the first page of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), top results (that’s the first result in page one), should be cause for a raised eye brow, you better off staying clear from these altogether.

What To Look For

SEOs can however, do what is suggested by the search engines guidelines, use their Webmaster tools and yes Bing and Yahoo also have them not just Google. They can also be transparent and upfront about what is possible and achievable, keep you in the loop so to speak, you don’t need to be strong on technology to understand the basic concepts and the “if is too good to be true” real world rule, also applies to the Internet, or even more so.

There are many honest competent professionals around, sadly far outnumbered by fakes, I get followed on Twitter by a few of these every day just because I have the keyword SEO in my Bio. I can spot them at a glance these days. I think I ought to start using the natural search or organic search definition more. Note to self: change Twitter Bio. Google Search

Would I be able to guarantee you all pages indexed by Google. Of course not after all I’ve just said, there is though, a good chance I can achieve it, by simply following the same process I have followed for this site.

Basic Search Engine Optimisation Process

On Page SEO

  • Read the search engine guidelines and follow them
  • Create content useful to your readers
  • Link to reputable sites
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Use human readable URLs
  • Accessible Code
  • User Site Maps for humans
  • XML Site Maps for robots

Off Page SEO

  • Have a link pointing to your site as early as possible
  • Use Google Webmaster tools
  • Use Bing Webmaster tools
  • Use Yahoo Webmaster tools
  • Skip the previous two if you haven’t got lots of time
  • Spread your links wisely
  • Submit your site to relevant directories
  • Submit XML Site Maps to search engines
  • Don’t buy links

This list is by no means exhaustive, it is really a simplistic one aimed at someone with no technical expertise, even so it should give a good overview of what to look for and what to avoid. You can find more insightful thoughts here in this How to Get More Pages into Google’s Index 2007 article that still as relavante today as when it was written.

What are your thoughts, did you learn anything from this post or have anything else to contribute?

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