How To Extract Google Analytics Keywords

Extracting your keywords from Google Analytics will give you great insight into what keywords are bringing traffic to your site, particularly useful for the long tail queries, if you are past just looking at your standard analytics reports, I probably don’t need to explain what long tail means in SEO lingo. If you do, these are simply search queries composed of three or more words. While we are at it short tail keywords are composed of one or two keywords.

Organic Search Traffic Google Analytics

Extract Google Analytics Keywords

Go into your GA and select traffic sources, then select keywords, for the old version of Google Analytics go there via this path:

Traffic Sources >> Keywords.

For the new version select traffic sources and follow the path:

Traffic Sources >> Sources >> Search >> Organic.

In the new version you can segment your keywords more easily, the path above is for organic keywords, just below under it you can also extract paid keywords, that will of course give you the PPC keywords if you are using it and if you not forking out any money to Google you’ll see nothing. Obviously!

Select your favourite format (CSV or CSV for Excel) and export. See image above.

Now that you’ve got your keywords you can chose the ones you think have some probability of being used again or their variations and there should be some ideas to help you write new or review existing content.

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UPDATE on 12/09/2011 – If you got here with a query similar to: “google analytics problem export csv”, you are probably using the old version of Google Anaytics, I recently had a similar problem, try using the new beta version and there it should work fine.

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