Google Under Optimisation Bonus +Penguin

Edit on 01-06-2012: this post is intended as humour, this means that if you’re not well versed in SEO, search engines and algorithm changes it probably will not make much sense to you.

In the last coupe of months or so, much has been written about over-optimisation and the new maligned Google Over Optimisation Penalty. I’ve even argued tweeted that:

There’s no such thing as over-optimisation. Anything over stops being optimal and it is therefore not optimisation

There's no such thing as over-optimisation tweet

If only everything in life was that clear cut and logic, there’s two oranges, you eat one there’s one left.

A self-proclaimed industry contrarian also blogged about Sub-optimal Topics for the SEO Community to be Discussing.

Now that we “established” that the “over-optimisation euphemism”, was at the very least, poor judgement from Google and Matt Cutts and not their best PR (Public Relations not to be confused with PageRank) move, on the other hand that’s probably a brilliant move that keeps the headless…

OK, I wasn’t that lucky; how do I recover from Penguin? Watch and learn!

Fear not! There’s plenty more good advice about, such as Google Penguin for non-SEOs aka you’ve been Penguinized, (follow more juice links at the bottom) and Panda and Penguin go Sledding, make sure you read the comments on Google+ to understand why an update may go down instead of up. Downdate.

If you’re doing SEO rather than (cough) over-optimisation, you can afford to write a thousand word post and then actually reduce it to a mere three hundred or so.

And if you’re not an SEO you probably better off reading something else altogether.

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