Google+ The New Social Equation G+ = F-

Google+ (the project, not to be confused with Google+ button) has been out in the wild for a couple of weeks, there are countless reviews and most seem to be overwhelmingly positive, someone at search engine land hints that this may well be due to more than just the merits of Google’s new, yet to be opened to the public social network. This may be an indicator of the demand for a Facebook Alternative? I for one agree!

Google+ The New Social Equation G+ = F- Google+ The New Social Equation G+ = F-

Let me explain that, it is simple; love or loath Google or Google+ for that matter, it is a zero sum game (at least in terms of time spent on social), more time spent on Google+ will in great part mean less time spent on Facebook and other social networks, I’m not implying that people will leave Facebook in droves to Google+ just yet, but over time it is inevitable as this is much more than just another social network it ties in with search, gmail and the all other host of Google services.

Google has by far a better relationship or brand equity if you prefer with the most important people, the trend setters, web marketers, SEOs and even the general public than Facebook.

Google+sheep I had now the opportunity to play around with the latest shiny object on the horizon and my appreciation of Google’s approach, simplicity, and software that’s quick and just works with as little gimmicks as possible, has in all honesty dissipated somewhat, they seem to be forgetting what made them great, that maybe a reflection of the complexity of social networks or could it be something else.

The fact is, if Google+ is the beginning of the end of FB social dominance, I welcome that.

That’s not to say that I’m not increasingly concerned with Google voracious appetite and trend to keep swallowing the web, in other words until the end of 2010 I was what could be called (a Google fan), overall I still think they have made an immense contribution to the advancement of the web, but I can’t stop but feeling it is getting too big, too influential. I think I am already yearning for someone to challenge them, just as they are doing with facebook on the social corner, but just as it happened with Microsoft, I think they will dominate for a few years to come if not a decade or more.

What do you think? Ho and join me on Google+ Sheep photo credit: Joost J. Bakker on Flickr

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  • shane

    Just one thing, you misspelled Google wrong at one point :P

    • Pedro Matias

      Thanks, well spotted ;) Changed now.

      In any case “misspelled Google wrong” is not great grammar either :D