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8J39SBUD264X – Following my previous post about extracting Google Analytics keywords, the Google Webmaster blog recently announced another very welcome addition.
The new Search Engine Optimisation tab in Google Analytics. 

Traffic Sources Overview Google Analytics

Webmaster Tools (WMT) Search Queries data is now available in Google Analytics, here:

Traffic Sources >> Search Engine Optimisation

That in turn segments your Webmaster Tools data into:

Queries >> Landing Pages >> Geographical Summary

The post mentioned above explains how to connect the two accounts: “…you must be both a Webmaster Tools verified site owner and a Google Analytics administrator of that property“.

Longer Date Ranges

It is also possible to see old data and longer date ranges in GA, whereas in WMT you can see just over a month’s worth of data, for example in the image below you can see two months, August and September on the Geographical Summary segment.

Geographical Summary Google Analytics

This is great, as a consequence I have deleted my calendar reminder to extract keywords monthly since I can now get them from Google Analytics with longer ranges.

I will probably write a new post about exporting pdf reports from the new version of Google Analytics, which for now is not possible, though it is coming according with the help centre. Until then there’s (CSV or CSV for Excel).

Happy optimising!

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