WordPress SEO Training Course in London

I offer custom designed SEO training sessions to fit your specific needs, training will be based on half day from £280, or £140 for two hours. Other combinations are available.

Courses will be tailored to your needs and my SEO process or as a complement to any SEO or digital marketing work I carry out for you.

2-hour one-to-one SEO training £140 ONLY

4 hours = £280

2-hour group + £90 per person
4-hour group + £150 per  person

All these include email support and site audit

SEO training in London is conceived and delivered with your and your small team’s specific business goals and personal knowledge in mind, I cater for the total beginner and advanced user.

All my students and training clients get their own server space, to play with if they do not have their own hosting or domain yet. This and great support are included in the prices above.

Other bespoke course durations are also possible

Looking for WordPress Training

Or English speaking

WordPress or SEO training and consulting in Barcelona.

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Google Analytics Assistant For Mobile Apps > More #AI

This is both part of Google’s continued inroads into AI (Artificial Intelligence) and mobile first, or in this case mobile only, the analytics assistant is a machine learning feature that seems quite useful, and is only available on mobile and tablet apps.

Not to be confused with tag assistant. Analytics assistant trolls through all your Google Analytics data and comes out with some insights of its own, at first glance appears to be really useful and can inform the production of content. In fact the assistant can make suggestions based on their insights it came up with.


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Content Keywords In Search Console And Keyword Frequency In 2016

google search console logo

In case for some reason you are still thinking that keyword density (the proportion of keywords to the total number of words on a page) bears any relevance to the rankings of your page for these keywords.

Well they don’t, abusing and overusing keywords are a sure way to get on Panda’s radar sooner or later. Continue reading

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What Is QDF [Query Deserves Freshness] Why Fresh Content For SEO

What Is QDF? [Query Deserves Freshness]. The name is pretty self explanatory, taken literally and all things being equal,  fresher content will have priority over not so fresh or older content. But this does not apply to all queries or all query types.

Fresh fruit as fresh content for SEO

In case you are wondering the above is a picture of one of the most dazzling fresh fruit market displays I have ever Continue reading

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Server Location For SEO – How Important Is It?

In addition to using a local TLD for SEO and paying attention to other region, country and even city specific local SEO factors, it is also very important to consider where your server is located.

Here is proof that server location is an SEO ranking factor, right from the horse’s mouth, here’s the horse; I mean, Matt Cutts himself on the record explaining how they saw it in June 2009. Continue reading

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Is .co.uk Better For SEO? Local SEO And TLDs

Is .co.uk better seo? This is a question that brings a few visitors to this site, Google seems to “think” I already answer that question in another post. Google Local SEO 8 Quick Tips for Business. I’ll save you the click through, see below what that page says about a local TLD being better for SEO.

If you are a targeting just a local area or the UK, you will be better off with a .co.uk domain name than a .com. If you are elsewhere get a local TLD (top level domain) i.e. .pt for Portugal .sp for Spain and so on.
If available, you should also get the .com for your business name, this avoids someone else getting it and compete with your site or try and impersonate you.

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How To Style The Contact Form 7 Submit Button

Contact form 7 is a WordPress plugin for building forms, it is one of the most popular and one that I use on this site and a few others. I really like the AJAX messages it gives to the users without refreshing the page. Skip the prose Continue reading

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Introducing Anglux Digital Marketing

This post is a crosspost from Anglux Digital Marketing – Just launched!

I’m very excited, it is here, not just the website, but the all structure and company behind it, in fact, the company itself has been running for exactly one year now, the structure and the team(s) are an extension of my previous SEO business. Continue reading

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Fast SEO Results Are A Myth!

The views in this post are my opinion. So that you can make your mind up let me put it clearly from the beginning so you can decide whether to read more or not.  Fast SEO results are a myth, they simply do not exist, there are ways to get fast results on Google but they simply are not SEO, they are SPAM (Webspam to be precise). Continue reading

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How To Use WordPress 4.4 Embed Feature For Content Repurposing

Happy new year! It is January the 4th, Monday, just reading the previous sentence can prove exhausting in itself; and your brain is still reluctant to come back to work. But you need to get some fresh content so your audience knows you are still alive and kicking, not to mention pleasing the almighty Google algorithms. Continue reading

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How Many Tags And Categories In A WordPress Blog For SEO?

This is one of the most common questions I have come across over the past seven years of auditing and working with over two hundred WordPress sites and blogs of all shapes and sizes. As ever there is no set number or rule that applies to all sites, but both for SEO and UX (user experience), it’s a good idea to keep things simple and manageable.

Pedro Matias SEO Google SearchHow many tags should your WordPress blog have?

My personal favourite is… none, nada, zero! Continue reading

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